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    Industrial Equipment

    Industrial operation and maintenance

    Hard-working solutions for heavy-duty applications

    Mining metals. Harnessing hydro power. Producing petrochemicals. Critical operations like these take place under the harshest working conditions and place incredible demands on industrial machine maintenance and operation.

    Silicone sealants and adhesives from Dow work as hard as the environments in which they’re found.

    Why silicones?

    Silicone sealants from Dow last three times longer than organic polymer sealants. They aggressively bond and resist degration across a wide range of temperature swings and weather conditions. They are highly resistant to UV rays, ozone, rain, snow, chemicals and atmospheric pollutants, and they maintain flexibility and adhesion even when stretched or compressed.

    Which silicones?

    Silicone sealants from Dow are offered in a wide range of formulation options, including:

    RTV (room-temperature-vulcanizing) sealants are easy to install, offer relatively low cost and provide good adhesion. Cure time can be accelerated by increasing temperature and humidity.

    Heat cure sealants deliver much shorter cure times than RTV sealants and can be automatically dispensed in industrial appliance assembly lines.

    Hot-melt silicone sealants are ideal for automated applications. They provide instant green strength, which can be leveraged to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs in industrial assembly applications.

    Silicone foams are used as compression gaskets or “environmental seals” to protect against ambient air, splashed water, dust and moisture. They are more cost-effective than preformed gaskets and foam tapes for use sealing high-tolerance gaps. Applied using automated robotic dispensing, these materials have a fast room-temperature or low-temperature cure.